CBSE Class 9 Science Notes Chapter 14 Natural Resources

CBSE Class 9 Science Notes Chapter 14 Natural Resources

We team of are representing best ever notes of science of class 9th for CBSE and other state boards of India. Notes are prepared by experts as per the syllabus of NCERT. We have covered not only NCERT pattern but detailed explanation is given on all important topics that is not given in NCERT books also. Class 9th is very important for the future classes. Class 9th science is the basic of the class 11th science.  So it become very important for the students to learn and understand each concept very deeply for the basic knowledge.

Class 9th science Chapter 14 Natural Resources has been written in very easy language and proper format which will help the students to attempt the paper per with very effective manner. Crystal clear concepts and best format of writing will help the student to achieve good marks in their exams.

Science notes of class 9th Chapter 14 Natural Resources is very basic lesson but it is very important for future classes.

 We have given demo pages for Chapter 14 Natural Resources notes. Student can read this demo pages to get ideas about the quality of our notes. Interested student can buy science notes for 9th class. We have given link to buy complete CBSE class 9th science notes below the demo pages.

We have also given multiple choice questions MCQs quiz for CBSE class 9th science which are free to attempt unlimited times.

CBSE Class 9 Science Notes Chapter 14- Topics covered

Natural Resources, Biosphere , Components Of Biosphere, Air, Source Of Carbon Dioxide Is Produced

Factors Regulating Amount Of Carbon Dioxide In Atmosphere, Role Of Atmosphere, Winds, Winds In The, Coastal Regions, Other Factors That Also Affect The Formation Of Winds, The Formation Of Clouds, Pollution, Types Of Pollution, Air Pollutants, Harmful Effects Of Air Pollution, The Activities Of Human Beings Responsible For Air Pollution, Acid Rain, Green House Effect, Cause Of Greenhouse Effect, Effects Of Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, Global Warming Results, Water, Why Water Is A Necessity For Life?, Water Pollution, Cause Of Water Pollution, The Effects Of Water Pollution, Soil

Process Of Soil Formation, Land Pollution, Soil Erosion, Cause Of Soil Erosion, Measures To Prevent Soil Erosion, Humus, Importance Of Humus, Nitrogen Fixation, Nitrogen Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Oxygen Cycle, The Water Cycle, Ozone Layer, Ozone Layer Decay Losses, Ozone Hole.

CBSE Class 9 Science Notes Chapter 14

Natural Resources– Demo Pages


cbse class 9 science notes chapter 14 cbse class 9 science notes chapter 14

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